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Degree Programs, Concentrations and Certificates

C = Certificate
A = Associate's Degree
B = Bachelor's Degree
M = Master's Degree
D = Doctorate Degree

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Degree, Major, Concentration by College with CIP codes

Degree Programs, Concentrations and Certificates
CollegeDegree Subject Area (Majors)Degree/CertificateConcentration
Applied and Natural SciencesAgricultural BusinessBBusiness
Plant Science
Applied and Natural SciencesAnimal ScienceBEquine Science
Livestock Production
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Engineering and ScienceApplied PhysicsM
Liberal ArtsArchitectural StudiesB
Liberal ArtsArchitectureM
Liberal ArtsArtMGraphic Design
Liberal ArtsArt-Graphic DesignB
Liberal ArtsArt-StudioBPre-Medical Illustration
Liberal ArtsAudiologyD
Liberal ArtsAviation ManagementBAviation Maintenance Management
Applied and Natural SciencesBiologyM
Applied and Natural SciencesBiologyBApplied Biology
Biological Sciences
Pre-Medical Illustration
Engineering and ScienceBiomedical EngineeringD
Engineering and ScienceBiomedical EngineeringBComputer Information
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Microsystems Engineering
Pre-Medical Illustration
Physical/Occupational Therapy
BusinessBusiness AdministrationDAccounting
Computer Information Systems
Quantitative Analysis
BusinessBusiness AdministrationB
BusinessBusiness AdministrationMFinance
Information Assurance
Quantitative Analysis
BusinessBusiness EconomicsB
BusinessBusiness FoundationsC (Post-Bacc)
Engineering and ScienceChemical EngineeringB
Engineering and ScienceChemistryBPre-Dentistry
Engineering and ScienceCivil EngineeringB
Liberal ArtsCommunicationBCommunication Studies
Engineering and ScienceCommunications SystemsC (Graduate)
Engineering and ScienceComputational Analysis & ModelingD
BusinessComputer Information SystemsB
Engineering and ScienceComputer ScienceM
Engineering and ScienceComputer ScienceBCloud Computing and Big Data
Computer Engineering
Cyber Security
Graphics & Game Design
Engineering and ScienceConstruction Engineering TechnologyB
EducationCounseling & GuidanceMClinical Mental Health Counseling
Human Services
Orientation & Mobility
Rehabilitation Teaching for the Blind
School Counseling
EducationCounseling PsychologyM
EducationCurriculum and InstructionMVisually Impaired
Research, Theory & Design
EducationCyber EducationC (Graduate)
Engineering and ScienceCyber EngineeringB
Applied and Natural SciencesDieteticsC (Graduate)
EducationDynamics of Domestic and Family ViolenceC (Graduate)
EducationEarly Childhood Education - Gr PK-3M
EducationEarly Childhood Education - Gr PK-3C (Graduate)
EducationEarly Childhood Education - Gr PK-3B
EducationEducational LeadershipBEducational Leadership
Higher Educ Administration
EducationEducational LeadershipM
Engineering and ScienceElectrical EngineeringB
EducationElementary Education & Special Education Mild/Moderate Gr 1-5B
EducationElementary Education & Special Education Mild/Moderate Gr 1-5M
EducationElementary Education - Gr 1-5M
EducationElementary Education - Gr 1-5B
Engineering and ScienceEngineeringMBiomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Communications Systems
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Microsystems Engineering
Engineering and ScienceEngineeringDCyberspace
Engineering Educ
Engineering Physics
Materials & Infrastructure Systems
Micro & Nanoscale Systems
Engineering and ScienceEngineering and Technology ManagementMEngineering Management
Management of Technology
Liberal ArtsEnglishMLiterature
Technical Writing
Liberal ArtsEnglishBCreative Writing
Technical Writing
Applied and Natural SciencesEnvironmental ScienceB
EducationExercise & Health PromotionB
Applied and Natural SciencesFamily and Child StudiesBChild Development Specialist
Child Life
Family Science
Applied and Natural SciencesFashion Merchandising & Retail StudiesB
Applied and Natural SciencesForestryBForest Management
Wildlife Habitat Management
Liberal ArtsFrench (see Modern Languages below)B 
Liberal ArtsGeneral StudiesAArts
Business Admin
BAFB Computer Applications
BAFB Criminal Justice
BAFB Humanities
BAFB Natural Sciences
BAFB Social Sciences
Liberal ArtsGeographic Information ScienceBNatural Resources
Social Sciences
Applied and Natural SciencesGeographic Information ScienceB
EducationHealth & Physical Education - Gr K-12B
Applied and Natural SciencesHealth InformaticsM
Applied and Natural SciencesHealth Informatics & Information ManagementB
EducationHigher Education AdministrationC (Graduate)
Liberal ArtsHistoryB
Liberal ArtsHistoryM
Engineering and ScienceIndustrial EngineeringB
EducationIndustrial/Organizational PsychologyD
EducationIndustrial/Organizational PsychologyM
BusinessInformation AssuranceC (Graduate)
Engineering and ScienceInstrumentation & Control Systems Engineering TechnologyB
Liberal ArtsInterdisciplinary StudiesB
Liberal ArtsInterior DesignB
EducationKinesiologyMAdmin of Sport & Phys Activity
Sports Performance
EducationKinesiology & Health SciencesB
BusinessManagementBBusiness Management
Human Resources Management
BusinessMarketingBGeneral Marketing
Key Account Development
Marketing Analytics
Sports Marketing
Engineering and ScienceMathematicsM
Engineering and ScienceMathematicsB
Engineering and ScienceMechanical EngineeringB
Applied and Natural SciencesMedical TechnologyB
EducationMiddle School Education - Gr 4-8C (Post-Bacc)
EducationMiddle School Education - Gr 4-8MMiddle School Educ Math 4-8
Middle School Educ Sci 4-8
Liberal ArtsModern LanguagesBFrench
Applied and Natural SciencesMolecular Science and NanotechnologyM
Engineering and ScienceMolecular Science and NanotechnologyD
Engineering and ScienceMolecular Science and NanotechnologyM
Applied and Natural SciencesMolecular Science and NanotechnologyD
Liberal ArtsMusicBComposition
Liberal Arts
Music Educ - Instrumental Gr K-12
Music Educ - Vocal Gr K-12
Engineering and ScienceNanosystems EngineeringBBiomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Microsystems Engineering
Applied and Natural SciencesNursingA
Applied and Natural SciencesNutrition & DieteticsM
Applied and Natural SciencesNutrition & DieteticsBNon-Registered Dietitian
Registered Dietitian
EducationOrientation & MobilityC (Graduate)
Engineering and SciencePhysicsB
Liberal ArtsPolitical ScienceBGeography
Liberal ArtsPre-Professional Speech-Language PathologyBAudiology
Liberal ArtsProfessional AviationB
EducationReading SpecialistC (Graduate)
EducationRehabilitation Teaching for the BlindC (Graduate)
EducationSecondary Education & Teaching - Gr 6-12BAgricultural Educ - Gr 6-12
English Educ - Gr 6-12
Family/Consumer Sci Educ - Gr 6-12
Social Studies Educ - Gr 6-12
EducationSecondary Education - Gr 6-12C (Post-Bacc)
EducationSecondary Education - Gr 6-12MAgriculture Educ-Gr 6-12
Business Educ-Gr 6-12
English Educ-Gr 6-12
Gen Sci-Biology Educ-Gr 6-12
Gen Sci-Chemistry Educ-Gr 6-12
Gen Sci-Physics Educ-Gr 6-12
Mathematics Educ-Gr 6-12
Social Studies Educ-Gr 6-12
EducationSecondary Education and Special Education Mild/Moderate Gr 6-12MEnglish
General Science
Social Studies
Engineering and ScienceSix Sigma, Black BeltC (Graduate)
Liberal ArtsSociologyB
Liberal ArtsSpanish (see Modern Languages above)B 
EducationSpecial Educ Mild/Moderate for Elem Educ Gr 1-5C (Graduate)
EducationSpecial Educ Mild/Moderate for Secondary Educ Gr 6-12C (Graduate)
EducationSpecial Education-Early Intervention: Birth-5C (Graduate)
EducationSpecial Education: Visually ImpairedM
Liberal ArtsSpeechMSpeech Communication
Liberal ArtsSpeech PathologyM
BusinessSustainable Supply Chain ManagementB
EducationTeacher Leader EducationC (Graduate)
Liberal ArtsTechnical Writing and CommunicationC (Graduate)
EducationVisual Impairments - Blind EducationC (Graduate)