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The application fee is nonrefundable. Rent payment is refundable until the university fee payment deadline. There are no refunds issued after the fee payment deadline. Residents who resign from the university prior to the ninth class day may receive a 75 percent refund. After the ninth class day, no refunds are issued. No refunds are issued to students who are dismissed from the university or the residence halls for academic or disciplinary reasons.

Rent and Meal Rates: Contact the Comptroller's Office at (318) 257-4325 for current rates or go to their website.

Note: All fields in BOLD are required.

Application for Incoming Quarter and Year


Student Information

CWID: Students must be admitted to the University and have a CWID to apply for housing.

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Contact Information

Contact Information: Please enter phone/fax numbers in 2345678901 format.
Phone/fax numbers do not start with 0 or 1


Mailing Address


Assignment Request


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Aswell  *
Cottingham * 
Dudley * 
Graham * 
Harper* *
Pearce * 
Univ Park 1 **
Univ Park 2 **
Park Place **


ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: Students are assigned into their preference, provided space is available. Choices cannot be guaranteed. Room assignments are mailed prior to each quarter's opening. Fall assignments are made during the preceding spring.

Private Rooms: A private room will be assigned upon request, provided space is available.
Please contact the Office of Disability Services if special accommodations are requested.

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Roommate Information

ROOMMATE: Roommate requests must be mutual and will be honored (where space allows) only if all parties have completed applications on file by January 16th. The Department of Residential Life adheres to the policy that any student contracting a double occupancy rate must retain a roommate at all times in order to avoid additional fees.


Order in which I want my assignment processed: