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North Louisiana
High School Rally

Rules and Regulations

  1. A student may test in only one event at the District level. However, a student may test in two events if one of them is a District only test.
  2. All literary tests are limited to one hour. Testing begins at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Only contestants are permitted to enter testing rooms.
  3. Any student currently enrolled or who has been enrolled in a course during the current school year is eligible to participate in District and State Rally competitions. (This policy was adopted by the 1997 General Assembly of Principals.) Exception: Schools offering courses on an alternating yearly or semester basis may enter students who have completed Carnegie credits in those courses.
  4. A student repeating a course for a higher grade may not participate, while a student repeating due to failure is eligible to participate.
  5. A student who is taking a Carnegie unit in the school in which he/she is enrolled (i.e., a student taking a university-based course may not participate, but a student enrolled in a correspondence course may participate.)
  6. A student may not be "primary" speakers in the foreign language in which they test. The main language spoken at home is considered the primary language.
  7. A student must not have represented a school more than once in the same event.
  8. Students should not seek advantage by competing in events for which advanced credit has been earned or have already been earned for courses in advanced standing (i.e., competing in Physical Science after having enrolled in Chemistry.)

Classification of schools

Only students in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades are eligible to participate in the North Louisiana District Rally. Junior high schools must use the total enrollment of 9th grade students only.

Division Inclusive Number of Students
I 1,001 plus
II 501-1,000
III 251-500
IV 151-250
V 1-150

Qualification quotas for State Rally

Number of schools
by division
Number of qualifiers
per division
(per event)
1-5 2
6-10 3
11-15 4
16-20 5
20 and more 6

LHSRA calculator usage policy guidelines

A calculator may be used on the LHSRA Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics Tests but not on any of the other tests offered by the LHSRA. Students are not required to use a calculator. All problems on the tests can be solved without a calculator. For more information regarding the LHSRA policy on the use of calculators and those approved and prohibited, please refer to the Calculator Usage Policy found on the LHSRA website.


State Rally dues are paid separately to the State Rally Association in Baton Rouge. Your school must be a member of the State Rally Association.

Entrance requirements for District Rally

All entries must reach Rally Headquarters by on or before Friday, Februrary 18th, 2022. In the literary competition, each contestant is assessed a $2.00 entry fee for each event entered. Entry forms should include the appropriate entry fees. No student may compete in an event unless his/her fee has been paid.

*Send a separate check for Music Event entries.

Awards and Scholarships

Certificates are mailed to all students who participate or place and to all OVERALL WINNERS in each literary event. DISTRICT RALLY SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to each of the OVERALL WINNERS in the events listed below providing they enter Louisiana Tech University in the Summer or Fall Quarter immediately following high school graduation. This $300 scholarship will be paid at Fall Quarter registration upon presentation of the OVERALL WINNERS CERTIFICATE.

  1. Accounting
  2. Advanced Math I
  3. Advanced Math II
  4. Agriculture IV
  5. American History
  6. Chemistry
  7. English IV
  8. Management of Resources
  9. Physics